How much home can I afford?

You can apply for Rent-to-Buy online in a matter of minutes to get prequalified for the program. It’s totally free, requires no commitment, and doesn’t affect your credit score. From there, we’ll ask for documentation to verify your financial details.  Once you’re approved, you’ll receive your personalized budget and payment plan.  Use the handy budget chart below to see what you can afford before you make your decision.

Budget Chart

Rent Budget Home Price Savings Program Deposit
$1,600 $150,000 $220 $3,000
$1,800 $200,000 $300 $4,000
$2,000 $250,000 $355 $5,000
$2,400 $300,000 $440 $6,000
$2,775 $350,000 $510 $7,000
$3,150 $400,000 $500 $10,000
$3,500 $450,000 $600 $11,300
$4,000 $500,000 $630 $12,500

Any other Questions?

We know buying your first home can be a daunting task. We've compiled the most frequently asked questions from people like you so that you can be sure Rent-to-Buy is right for you.

Ready to give Rent-to-Buy a shot?

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